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About Me

I spent my childhood upside down in headstands, cartwheels or crabbing along sideways on the lounge floor. Somewhere along the line, like a lot of adults I stopped doing all of that until 12 years ago when I discovered Hot Power Yoga in Clapham. It is this intense combination of Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing) that helped me through the tough times, channelled the little girl inside me again and ultimately helped me feel young again. I did my 200 hr teacher training with HPY to deepen my practice but more importantly to teach and serve so that I can help others channel their inner child and feel young and effortlessly happy again. I believe that yoga isn’t just about busting out some poses but also about looking for ways that you can take the breathing and the state of clarity yoga gives you 

into your every day life. 

I teach from an authentic place, always looking to guide my students into poses in a non-intimidating way. I believe that as yoga teachers we should be kind and nurturing. I offer plenty of assists so that my students can go deeper to further their understanding of yoga. My classes will leave you feeling strong, awake and eager to do more. 

I am currently training for my advanced 500 hours yoga teacher training with Yoga London and training to be a counsellor and am working towards my BACP accreditation so that I can help and nurture people on a deeper level.  My ultimate goal is to bring yoga together with therapy to provide people with a holistic therapeutic experience.  Only when we are healed and supported in mind and body can we truly be who we really want to be. 

"The hour whizzes by which is testament to how

 enjoyable the sessions are.  

And we are all improving week on week which is rewarding  - ALEX